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[Mod Idea]Immersive Space Travel


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I love the Fallout in space, I really do, but lets be honest, There is so much more out there than loading screens. Vast emptyness of space, the void, black sea, whatever you like to call the final frontier, it deserves better than a thousand loading screens.

Starfield gives you the Grav Drive, which allows us to travel light years in a matter of seconds(depending on your pc hardware).


So here is my idea:

Grav Jump to the next star system, like usual or via jump gatesor einstein rosen bridge aka wormholes(Yes these are in all other spaceship games, I know). But I've not yet come across the lore for grav drives, and lets be honest, the amount of energy it takes to make wormhole through space time, is going to be MASSIVE, whats more, you can only power a tiny little shield and a few measly weapons with the same fusion core that allows you to instantly travel billions of kilometer/miles. The math just doesn't make any sense.

At the point of arival you get scanned by the authorities, or not, depends on the system traffic/population, or whatever.

Then you go in sub lightspeed travel to navigate to the desired location(using that grav drive), which you then get stuff like distress call's, pirate ambushes, shipwrecks or whatever the mod creator thinks is cool for random encounters.

This gives plenty of creative oppertunity.


Lets make Starfield great!


Sorry for the spelling, English is not my 1st language.

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Cannot be done- sorry. The game engine cannot do 'space travel'- which is why you have loading screens, and no actual significant 'movement' in space in real-time.


Star Gates would have been a much better idea. Visually they could have been most impressive and worked well with the engine. As for 'worm-holes' (a very lame SF cliche with the absolute least science behind it), well that's the same as the grav-drive in all but name. A grav-drive is a real-time 'worm-hole' you create either by a massive gravity source, or well away from a massive gravity source, depending on the pseudo-science conceit.


Starfield cannot be modded into No Man's Sky or Star Citizen- it has none of the needed technical capabilities. It cannot even do polar co-ordinates for the moon in the sky when you are on a planet (it rotates with your camera view- which is laughable and pathetic).


What modders can do is better interfaces and load screens. Maybe a better star map. And some way to generate better random encounters when in 'space'.


Mind you, in three+ years time modders MAY redo the space parts in Unreal or Unity, and finally allow true space travel. There is no reason the game could not be forced to swap between two different game engines, sharing data between the two. This is possible- it depends how much gamer enthusiasm Starfield keeps across the years to come. If Starfield matches Skyrim, I can see modders eventually fully coding their own space stuff, and totally dumping the off-planet Bethesda code.

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@ zanity

Its such a shame we had to wait 20 years for Bethesda to do something 'original' and then they fall short, way short of what was expected(my expectations atleast).

But with games like Skyrim and Fallout, which have a cult like following/player base, me included, (+1000 hrs on Skyrim and +2000 hrs on Fallout3/nv and 4), the modding community will make the game the way it should have been.

Bethesda slogan:

Release the bug ridden mess, for $$$, the modders will fix our mess and help us sell copies.

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