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Starfield PC Game Pass Mods Step by Step Guide with Links


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I wasted far too much time getting this all to work the past few days so I figured I would save others the headache if possible. These are all the mods I consider essential starting points. Enjoy!

  • Folder Pathway: XboxGames > Starfield > Content

  • Achievement Enabler

    • ASI Loader

      • Rename bink2w64.dll file in vanilla Starfield files "bink2w64Hooked.dll" (content folder).

      • Drag downloaded bink2w64.dll into content folder.

      • Create a new folder named "Plugins" in content folder.

    • Achievement Enabler

      • Drag achievement enabler file into Plugins folder.

  • Starfield Upscaler (DLSS) & Quantum Reshade

    • Quantum Reshade (access in Starfield using Home key)

      • Drag reshade shaders folder and quantum reshade file into content folder.

      • Run Reshade.

    • Starfield Upscaler (access in Starfield using End key)

      • Delete vanilla dxgi.dll in Starfield content folder.

      • Drag everything from Starfield Upscaler into content folder EXCEPT for ReShade.ini file.

      • Drag UpscalerBasePlugin folder into mods folder.

      • Drag nvngx_dlss.dll file (DLSS) into UpscalerBasePlugin folder.

  • Cleanfield

    • Drag interface folder into data folder.

    • Drag StarfieldCustom.ini file into content folder.

  • Ensure the following text is in the StarfieldCustom.ini file which many mods require:







  • EXTREMELY IMMPORTANT: Add the following text to the vanilla Starfield.ini file immediately under [Archive] or most mods break even with the StarfieldCustom.ini file.


  • Add the following text to the StarfieldCustom.ini file for responsive grabbing:


# Delay in seconds before the player grabs an interactive object


# Delay in seconds before the player grabs a basic object


Vortex (these mods all installed without issue using Vortex after manually installing everything above)

  • BetterHUD

  • Compact Mission UI

  • EXE Effect Textures Enhanced

  • Enhanced Dialogue Interface

  • Enhanced Player Healthbar

  • Icon Sorting

  • Smooth Ship Reticle

  • StarUI Inventory

Nexus Mod Links

Additional Resource TroubleChute - YouTube

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You are one of the absolute heroes in this forum. Have you posted this info to Reddit and Steam forums (both of which are mostly open sewers, but have the advantage of good Google indexing for those people who may be seeking this technical advice.


Of course Google has gone to the dogs of late, and by design is worse and worse for finding anything useful. Maybe look for Starfield wikis to add your information to as well.


As you said, finding full solutions can be a very time consuming enterprise, and the only great reward is seeing your efforts help as many other people as possible. Most people don't know that only two things separate us from all other animal species. One is the consistent use of the Scientific Principle. Two is the purposeful gathering of information and dissemination of said information to others, especially across the generations. Most Humans do neither, interestingly, yet still (wrongly) think themselves inherently better than the 'lower' animals.


Many other animals think, feel, plan, dream, use tools, love, care, use language, fight, wage war etc. Many can also gossip and troll, so most Human users of social media are certainly no better.


But they never change generation to generation for the two reasons mentioned. And if real useful information on the Internet is drowned out by the 'noise' (and the active work of agenda companies like Google and Microsoft to de-index independent acts of research and thought), we start to lose our 'advantage' as a species.

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I don't understand WHERE we placing the loose files (textures, meshes).
I currently placed them in "My Documents/Starfield/Data", but this is not acceptable because I don't want to fill my C: drive with so many large (textures) files.
I have installed Starfield elsewhere (in different drive) and I thought like Skyrim or Fallout 4, that we should placing the loose files in the game's installed "Data" folder; but doesn't working that way.

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