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Tenebris Suit as Mantis


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Hello y'all! I've been wanting to use the starborn suit Tenebris (NG+ 9), but there are major drawback from using it sadly.

1-NG+ 10 "Venator" Suit is stronger

2-All the starborn suits are full body (no helmet and armor, just both. Which mean you lose bonuses from 2 legendary items) And you can't remove your helmet if you so wishes to (like in your outpost or something).


Other mods that replace the Mantis suit often uses the Astra suit, which imo looks too leather-y.

I also tried to do my requested mod by myself (even without having any prior modding experience). I managed to recreate the Astra suit but not the Tenebris suit (even though I took the files from the Tenebris folder).


So it would be appreciated if somebody can do this :happy: The Tenebris looks so dope, really full on metallic armor.



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