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Multiple Issues with Baldur's Gate 3 Mods on Vortex


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I have been trying to install a few mods for Baldur's Gate 3 using Vortex but I am running into two separate issues. I have modded many games often before, the most common ones being from the Fallout Series and the Elder Scrolls. Despite that I have never come across this issue before and a close friend I am modding with is not having these issues at all which makes me worry that it is an issue with my Network or PC.


The first issue occurs when I attempt to install a mod through the Vortex feature on Nexus, it is added to my downloads on Vortex but quickly fails afterward stating "Download failed" and upon clicking more it states "This may be a temporary issue, please try again later" and when I click show details on that it says "Network connect was not permitted, please check your firewall settings". Initially I attempted to disable my firewall and try again yet the issue persisted, I also tried to allow Vortex through my firewall but it was already allowed.




My second issue may not belong on the Vortex Forums but I thought I'd add it anyway to conjunction with the former issue. After encountering the issues above I decided to attempt to download the mods and add them to Vortex manually. For some reason some mods (usually the same mods experiencing the issues above) wouldn't download and the browser would time out. I then receive a message saying "Site can't be reached" with one of two messages below it. Firstly the most common is "files.nexus-cdn.com took too long to respond." and the second is supporter-files.nexus-cdn.com took too long to respond. I will put screenshots below, due to these two errors the only way I can download any mods is if my friend sends me the files he manually downloaded.
I do use the Opera browser and have tried using Firefox and Google Chrome as well.




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