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Not a criticism, but a genuine question. Why are there FAR fewer mods for this game than its predecessor? Yes, I know that Fallen Jedi is MUCH older, but it still seems that the mods are a bit thin on this game. You type in "lightsaber" and you just get 1 page of results. I know that with Outfit Manager you can change your saber colors, but no mods for intensity or even specifics. Even the NG+ mods that exists are without keeping your abilities. Is it all because the issues us PC players were having in running the game? I truly am 100% ignorant on these matters as I don't know the first thing about modding this game. I have yet to even find a free way to open a .pak file (I used to mod eyes in GTA V, and would love to do it in these two games). So, I really am genuinely curious.

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