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[Mod Request] The concept of total expansion


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Hello, what we have at the moment is as pointless as possible, and not interesting. In short, the only thing that could captivate me probably forever is a game based on the capture or destruction of an opposing faction or civilization. To be more precise - the ability to build or capture bases in space or on earth, as well as build a space fleet or ground forces, exactly like in classic strategies, with the ability to take a direct part in the thick of things as an infantryman or behind the wheel wheeled or tracked vehicles, or mech. The source of the conflict can be the same resource points (as usual) both in space and on earth. A base, a foundation, in planetary conditions, deliver a mobile headquarters to the right place (as in a red alert), deploy it for construction, and then everything is as usual, barracks, a factory for wheeled vehicles, tracked vehicles, etc. 10+ resource points, which we must capture and hold, and somewhere there is the same enemy base, which we must find and destroy. I saw high-quality transport in Fallout New Vegas, and I also saw cool big mechs (in which you could even sit) in Fallout 4, so I have every reason to believe that today there is everything necessary to implement what was written above. As for space, I don’t understand at all why boarding is needed if there is no way to add a captured ship to your fleet, and what prevents you from boarding and taking possession of stations? For example, having captured a space shipyard, build a fleet on it, provided that some kind of space resource-extracting complex has already been captured? The land and space economies should not overlap or conflict at all; resource points can generate income per unit of time, which in turn will allow you to buy either many weak units, or, after waiting and accumulating, serious ones. Well, this is all, of course, as brief as possible, if you have any questions, ask, I’ll be happy to go into details...

20 pages of ideas for expanding your gaming capabilities that will captivate you forever.
- Space operations
- Land operations
- Much, much more

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