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[Mod Request - Paid] Realistic Scouting


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I am wondering if it is possible to request a small mod which I am happy to pay/endorse for your time.

One thing that annoys me with this game is you can always see the exact number of troops an neutral or enemy army has. Now generally, enemies wouldn't know the exact number down to the last man. They would have an estimate/range and based on scouting skill, the accuracy would be dependent on the scouting skills. If the hero's scouting skill is really low, the range of potential enemies is more inaccurate.
Wouldn't it be nice if an enemy army with very low scouting skill attacked you because it thought your army was smaller. Or you couldn't keep avoiding big armies with your small army because again your scouting skill was so low and the number of enemies was inaccurate. Think of it as a fog of war for army sizes.
I think this would add some realism and stop all AI from just running away from you because they know your exact party size. It would also make you more cautious when attacking enemies with a low scouting skill.
What do you think? Can this be added? I have no clue how to code, nor the time to learn so it would be nice to work with someone to help me bring this to fruition.

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