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Stardew Valley

Moving the farmhouse on a custom map


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So I've successfully created a map that has the farmhouse located at a significantly different location than vanilla. I've changed the intro event to take place at the farmhouse's new location, but... there's going to be plenty of events that take place at farmhouse doors, isn't there? And I have this horrible premonition that I'm going to need to change them all...


Has anyone done this before? Is there a ready-made solution? Do I have a choice other than just, comb through the Events file, find every single one that takes place on a farm and include a correction to it in my mod? Is there a way to (learn how to) code a correction to happen automatically whenever anything whatsoever wants to take pace at the farmhouse's original coordinates?


(Here's the latest screenshot of the farm map in question)


EDIT: so in case someone else ever has the same question: IT WORKS. The events where people just show up to the farmhouse do seem to be just tied to the farmhouse, and nothing else needs to be edited!!! It's fine!!!

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