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So very dissapointed...


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Got you.

Playing with SSE this time and I will tell you, it is a lot better. Most of the good mods have been updated for 1.6.640.0 - finally.

Problem is there are NO GIANT SNAKE MODS. Not one. Nowhere.

(MihailMods had one for LE but it's not even available anymore.)

I'm no animator or I'd create one. I'm more of a "let's put a nice little shack where Lokir used to live" modder.
I've been installing mods for the last two weeks, getting ready to play again. My Morthal Swamp is a dangerous place (for lvl 1 characters anyway) and I know it's cold there but I'd really love to have giant snakes lurking in the water. We can call them Horefrost Snakes or Brumal Snakes or just Frosty Snakes or whatever else.

Seriously, is anyone interested in making a mod that adds giant water snakes? It would be so badass.


Example here is by the artist Ken Kelly. I think it accurately depicts what should happen when your Vampire character strays too far from the path.

And one by Frank Frazetta. Not sure if that's a snake or some other aquatic creature but you get the idea.



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This isn't a mod request forum. Also, you're posting in the LE section, rather than the SE section.


That said, you should know that its not really possible to create 'new' creatures. What you have to do instead is re-skin a vanilla creature, change its stats, and maybe give it spells. As for snakes, people just re-use ice wraiths, but maybe make it so they don't hover above the ground. Obviously, this doesn't look too great. You can probably find videos on youtube showing mihail's old mod if you want to know what that looks like.


As for mihail, he's been re-doing just about all his mods. Its obviously taking him quite a while to do so. I haven't seen him release any of his old animal mods though (I think he ripped the models from another game), so who knows if those will ever return. Maybe the giant snakes will return one day, maybe they won't. Either way, they're not going to have animations really that suiting to a snake.

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This isn't a mod request forum. Also, you're posting in the LE section, rather than the SE section.

Oh ok. This forum is a bit confusing. Always has been. I think I hate it.

I see it now, sure enough, "Skyrim modding". I don't know how that happened. If you don't come here every day it's about as hard to navigate as the first time using the Creation Kit.

It says "Mod Talk"? There's a separate forum for "Mod Request"??? I guess I need to remember that.

I was wondering why no one had answered. Some people here get highly annoyed if you post something in the wrong section.


Thanks for answering my question. I kind of expected something like that - Reskinning vanilla creatures is the only thing that's possible.

If anyone could make one it'd be Mihail. Can't wait to see them.


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