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Like many people, I was always wondering "How do you actually run away? Is it possible? What's going on here?"

Problems like this made me very upset, because I actually thought you couldn't run away. But you can, which I will explain here. I was ready to put down the game for good, but then I perused the 'Control' menu one final time...

I will now provide a proper tutorial for running away.



Living as a Medieval Peasant:
A Lesson in the Art of Fleeing


Living as a medieval serf is hard work.
Sometimes, you're going to have to run away.


1) Automatic Soft Locking:

Kingdome Come Deliverance features an automatic 'soft lock' targeting system. This is all well and good, but the developers never explained how to fully utilize this system, much to the ire of the peasantry.

When close enough to an enemy (or enemies) Henry will automatically lock on to targets in a whimsical way. If you do not understand how to fully utilize the lock on / targeting system, you'll end up spinning around like a whirlwind in the heat of battle, likely getting yourself killed.


2) The proper controls: 'Lock Target'

In the control menu, Tab is specified as 'Lock Target'

You will use 'Lock Target' to focus on an enemy in your immediate vicinity in a duel-like fashion.

If you're facing more than one enemy, pressing this button again will make Henry focus on a different enemy nearby. Pressing 'Lock Target' more than once essentially cycles through your focusable targets.

THIS BUTTON WILL NOT HELP YOU RUN AWAY. Actually running away is covered in the next section...


3) The proper controls: 'Unlock Target'

Further down the control menu, there is a button, 'Mouse 3' by default, which is specified as 'Unlock Target'

This button is never used, mentioned or explained in the game, but pressing 'Unlock Target' allows you to successfully disable the soft lock system, and run away from an enemy or a group of enemies.

The PC version, contrary to what we see when perusing the internet for help, DOES NOT make Henry 'Unlock Target' while sprinting - Henry is still locked on until you press the specified 'Unlock Target' button.





My Thoughts:

  • This is probably why so many players literally thought you could not run from fights.

  • I wonder how many players developers are willing to lose over not explaining things?



I downloaded a mod that allows you to see North and South on the compass. Not being able to see actual directions on the compass was another misstep by the developers. This mod fixes this issue and won't ruin your immersion.

This mod allows you to save tons of time not only in the game but your actual real life, allowing you to enjoy the game as well as your life more.


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