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Steam Big Picture mode keyboard, and easy access menus for controllers.


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Hey there, long time Morrowind modder, new to playing on a controller however. I've been tackling this issue for sometime now. I'm looking for a mod that allows Steam's Big Picture mode virtual keyboard to work when using Xbone/PS4 controllers (which themselves work) for all text boxes in the game (i.e. character name, spell names, etc). On top of which, it would be also be advantageous for controller players to use the menus without having to move the in-game cursor around due to the small font and sizes of the UI, just like in the Xbox version. I nearly have to squint every time, kind of straining.


So is there a way to get the keyboard working on original Morrowind, along with easier menu access? I couldn't find it in the search and google, however I might not be thinking of the right key words for this one. Hopefully someone would know of a way for this. I would greatly appreciate the insight. Thanks!

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