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Way to view list / extract the .mat files for use in NifSkope yet?


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Been playing in NifSkope while making a few retexture mods, struggling with the guesswork of picking good .mat properties.


I've got a Notepad open with a couple dozen random good .mats I've found, but this is kinda fumbling around in the dark at the moment lol.


Do we yet have a decent way to at least view a name list of the .mats? Are they packed up in Starfield.esm? I've been through all the .bsa's with BAE and they are def not in there lol.


Example: trying to get a good red glow or a decent stone texture. Found that Materials\Common\Glow\GlowBright01Red01.mat is pretty but it has a funny vignette. But Materials\SetDressing\Common_MaterialSwaps\Glow\GlowBright01Tint_Red01.mat is nice but WAY F'ing BRIGHT, like blinding. There's no GlowMedium01Tint_Red01.mat or numerical variants that are dimmer.


Same kinda thing trying to pick a decent stone, or leather, whatever.

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