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Craft your own Magical Staff


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I think it would be a cool idea to make a mod where you make your own staff with any specific spell.



You can somehow acquire "empty" staffs, then be able to take the staffs to an enchanting table, (whether it's a specific one, or any in the game), and enchant a spell onto it. You could make a staff of Invisibility, a staff of Dragonhide, a staff of Blizzard or Lightning Storm, ect. ect. Using a larger gem would have the same effect as a typical enchanted weapon.


I've done very very little coding with games, but I get the feeling it isn't something entirely difficult to create. it would open up the ability to cast expensive spells without using up magicka when you need it, and it would also let you use 2 handed spells like Storm Thrall and Mass Paralysis with another weapon in the other hand.




I think its a creative idea, and it would be fun finding the right model staff for the spell you have in mind. Its also a lore friendly mod, and It wouldn't be all that ridiculous.


Thanks for reading, and I hope some ambitious modder out there takes this one into consideration. :D

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