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Help saving DDS color textures


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I'm trying my hand at modding the skin textures for the NSFW/nude swimsuit mod. My workflow is to open the original DDS color textures in Paint.net. then export the image as a JPG that I can edit as needed. Once the texture has been edited, I import it into Paint.net again to be saved as a DDS.


I initially saved the files according to the directions I saw on the NSFW mod download page. File saved as a DDS using BC1 (sRGB, DX10+) compression, error diffusion, generate mip maps, and gamma correction boxes checked, compression speed slow, error metric perceptual. And that worked for my skin color 0 texture. But when I tried doing the same for skin types 1 and 2, I get a weird darkening effect on their bodies from the chest down. Only the character's head, neck, and forearms have the correct skin tone. I'm not doing anything different, but I can't get the game to integrate these textures with the faces and arms of the characters.


I'm very experienced with Photoshop, but new to texture modding and Paint.net. Any advice on save settings would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.






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