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Multi-player emotes for modding?


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I'm kind of new to modding and at the moment I can't write anything from scratch, but I have successfully altered a few pre-existing mods to my liking.

(Mostly some Dialogue and Event tweaks)


I've noticed that the emotes for multiplayer have a little more variety to them than the basic emotes most people use while modding, so I'm wondering if anyone knows if they can be used in mods?


To Clarify my question:

1. The basic emotes include:

Question Mark, Angry, Exclamation, Heart, Sleep, Sad, Happy, X, ..., Game, Music Note, and Blush


and they are triggered by typing: "/emote NAME (8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40, 52, 56, or 60)/" in the code.


2. The multi-player emotes include:

Happy, Sad, Heart, Exclamation, Note, Sleep, Game, Question, X, ..., Blush, Angry, Yes, No, Sick, Laugh, Surprised, Hi!, Taunt, Uh, Music, and Jar


and they are triggered by typing: "/emote <emote>" into the chat command box


3. SO. If I were to write:

"/emote NAME <emote>/" into the code.


Will the character do the requested emote?

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