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Super Mutant Compatibility and Face Textures


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Hi, does anyone know how to modify the textures on a super mutant's face without modifying the face complexion in their race using regular MSWP records / new mesh / whatever? Somehow it doesn't seem as straightforward to me as I had originally thought before actually trying it. It feels as though whatever body you pop in, the CK will force the default head and face complexions on it.

What I'm asking for:
Let's say we have a material swap that replaces the original head texture, for example's sake it can be any texture at all, so any generic MSWP popped onto SupermutantFGHead1.BGSM will do for now, Copying the head record of supermutants (not strong, the generic one), put the MSWP on it and assign it to any supermutant npc which isn't templated. The only way I found that allows me to put it on is by modifying the SupermutantRace... which is less than ideal compatibility-wise.


Reference image:

-Assume that head contains the _MSWP on its mesh, etc.

-_Texture is the thing I CAN make this work with, but only if it gets popped into race

-The body is currently swapped with a suicider, as you can see, the head does not match the _Head, which is definitely not green



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