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Set the path to the BG3 root installation folder?


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I just wiped everything clean....Mods, BG3, Steam


Reinstalled only this time using BG3 Mod Manger. On my other computer BG3 Mod Manager is working fine. On this computer I get that msg when I launch the Mod Manager


I'm attaching two screenshots, one of the error and the other showing the Game Data Path from Mod Manager.

  • On the computer where Mod Manager works fine, the Game Data Path is on the C:drive like normal
  • On the computer where I get the Set the path msg, the Game Data Path is on the D:drive but the screenshot shows that the Game Data Path is Correct



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On 11/28/2023 at 9:17 PM, TheSoggyBurrito said:

First, do not use vortex for BG3.  Always use BG3 Mod Manager.

The first Path should be linked to the "Data" folder inside your BG3 Game folder.

Second would be for the executable.  Follow my included image, hope it helps.


i have done as you instructed but i still get a message that my game data file is not valid. Tips?

Baldur's Gate 3 Mod Manager 09_01_2024 14_00_16.png

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