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BG3 Modded Multiplayer Connection issues


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So i have very slowly made sure me and my 2 players all have the same mods in the same load order with the same manual mods installed in the same places. Before HOTFIX 11 we had no problem updating mods then reconnecting and even adding new mods to our load order and i mean no problems we had 0 errors in our script extender with over 100 mods. But AFTER i updated some mods added new ones and had to start a new game cause of some updates (oh well) but when i did this for everyone else they connect and it says on my screen that they joined but it lasts for about 5 secs before it says they left the game and they don't load in. i have read their SE and it doesn't give any errors, the main menu doesn't give a pop-up saying we have different mod versions nothing. Any suggestion on what's happening

Screenshot (396).png

Screenshot (397).png

Screenshot (398).png

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