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Community recommended mods?


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So I thought I would try and post here and see if I could get a good response.


I haven´t really played skyrim for a very long time and any mods I may have used earlier will be adandoned or outdated.

So I´m asking you for your recommendation on what mods you would recommend, yes I can google "best skyrim mods" but who can say any of those are truly best, and if so according to who?

I would very much like to play as an archer thief/assasin possibly added enchant/magic user. Any suggestions would be welcome.

Thank you! 

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I would click on Mods at the top of the SSE mods page and go to "Most Endorsed" or "Top Files" this will give you the mods most used by the general run of players of this game.


As for a certain character type you can choose which mods would best fit a profile of that character.

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