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solitude problem


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Hi, im new here i dont know if im in right place, but if not im so sorry. Also i have to apologize for my english, but im not the best in it. 

I have problem, when i want to go in solitude, When I enter the solitude, the game turns off. 

i think i tried to do everything, i have mods (Also i guess,  that they are not compatibile at all, but i was modding first time ) but please if someone can help me. 


List mod: 


mody 1.png

mody 2.png

mody 3.png

mody 4.png

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download .NET Script Framework and installed it 

enter solitude again,then check the report in the overwrite folder(if you're using MO2)

and you may probably find some 'FormId' in the 'Possible relevant objects' of your newest crash log

use sseedit to search those FormId then check them one by one



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