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Why am I not allowed to know????


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Guest deleted34304850

what book are you asserting is a "book of lies"?

I see an obvious pattern of behaviour in all your posts. i've asked this before but are you certain your problems don't start and end with you?

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I would be willing to, but that worthless little troll will just use that too to assail me. How many times do I have to report him before something is done? I'm far from his only victim too. I've never seen a troll get tolerated like this. Normally a person like him would be ip banned immediately. Instead, he's allowed to stalk and harass me over and over again with complete impunity. He's made me reluctant to even post here at all. Do they ever consider the idea that one of the biggest reasons nobody uses these forums is because of him constantly stalking and harassing people? What the hell?

I'll post again with the mods do their f*#@ing job and get rid of a USER THAT IS DRIVING PEOPLE AWAY.

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