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Help with Load Order on bgmm


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Hello and good evening guys, i would really appreciate your help with the Load Order on bgmm.
With the load order i currently have the game is pretty bugged (like Lae'zel with 0 move speed or items in the chest having invisible icons).

I'll post a screen of the load order i currently have, thank you in advance for your help.





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first of all go to overrides mods and right click on all and ability "allow in load order", like for improved ui.

then try put all classes and subclasses mod before compatibility framework. 

and put 5e spells, unlock level curve and unlocklevelcurve patch 5e on top of ur order.



5e spell

unlock level

unlocklevel patch

subclass and class mods

compatibility framework

other mods


try this and let me know if go better with this order.


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