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Game Update 2.1


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Once again, Cyberpunk has updated. Check the patch notes for details of changes. 


Please be patient and wait for mod authors to update their mods, core mods tend to be broken by the game updates. And please make sure you are properly removing out-dated mods and files from your installations. 
When in doubt check comment sections before assuming the mod works directly after an update:

Core Mods have updated: 

  • Redscript: ✅(no update necessary)
  • Red4ext: ✅
  • Cyber Engine Tweaks: ✅
  • ArchiveXL: ✅
  • TweakXL: ✅
  • Codeware: ✅
  • Mod Settings: ✅


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Looking for help.. When I use Tech weapon game keeps freezing.. not all the time but often. I've tried with and without mods but nothing seems to fix. It seems to do it more when aiming. Sound stays on but need to use task manager to come out.. If anyone can cast some light on this problem e very VERY happy. Its killing mu game.. 🙂

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