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Possible mod suggestion: KEEP SAFE - Save file config builder


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I am a bit tired of losing old saves and not being able to go back when an update screams through the ranks like a Sturgeon Druznik, and my brain is mainly butter at this point...


The warnings on mod list changes when you try to access an old save file got me thinking- if that information is there, would it be possible to create a tool to extract that information to rebuild a mod list /deploy order for nexus?

The idea would be a tool that you run, point a save file to and it gives us the config set up we had at that save- versions, mods installed, their versions and load order.

Now, I imagine not all that information is in the save file- soooo- what if we had a SAFE KEEP mod that is installed and when a save file is made, it injects that information?

It would be great to be able to go back to an old save file and just say - hey Vortex, give me this mod set up please?

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