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[Mod Request] Free aim when targeting for PC.


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Compared to no targeting, using targeting grants much better combat gameplay, especially when it comes to:

  • movement (strafing, different jumps & evades)
  • aiming consistency (without it, controlling where exactly you fire blaster shots, lightsaber throws and sometimes even lightsaber attacks becomes very dependent on your movement input and quite unreliable).

But it completely locks your aim towards an enemy target, which works perfectly well for purely 1 vs 1 encounters but quickly becomes messy when facing multiple opponents (target switching often occurs beyond your control and sometimes you even lose targeting entirely without having pressed the button).

For PC users at least, it would be much more convenient when pressing "Targeting" to instead enter a combat mode where everything would be the same as it already is, meaning movement changes and firing exactly where you're aiming, but instead of locking your aim onto enemy targets your aim would remain completely free, and you would shoot/attack exactly where you aim (at the dot in the center of the screen which can be toggled in accessibility options).


I have no idea how difficult or time consuming this would be to implement, but if it's on the easy side then please consider it !

Thanks !

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