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[UPDATE] 21:9 (Specifically 2.37:1) Fix Request

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[UPDATE] Bumping this to make a notation. This issue is only present in DX12 exe, but I need DX12 for HDR and Raytracing as these options are not in DX11 exe.
Hi Nexus Community. I'd like to start by saying I appreciate everything the community brings to this game.
I'd like to post an open request as everything I try gets me nowhere.
This game has notoriously been problematic for Ultrawide and Super Ultrawide users.
The Cinematics used to be cutoff and there are Hex Edit methods out there that fix this, however, they are basically pointless now, as the developers added a setting to open the cutscenes up natively(found in the Hud settings)

The problem then? Well my problem is not with the cutscenes, but the game engine as a whole. You see, the game does in fact support 21:9 now...however, it only supports 1 variant of 21:9
The 21:9 Display market actually uses two different specific 21:9 ratios
The common 3440x1440 variant is equivalent to 21:9(2.38:1)
There are also 21:9 monitors in 2560x1080, and 5120x2160(2.37:1)
I use a custom resolution of 3414x1440(which is the 1440 equivalent of 2.37:1)

The Witcher 3 has an issue where it only properly displays 2.38. On 2.37 resolutions, you will be given a tiny black border that the game scales within. Basically, the game is not properly filling the whole bounds of the resolution in engine.
This is not an issue of the display, as it is being rendered that way by the game. So using Nvidia Control Panel to affect display scaling will not resolve this as it is drawing the black bars in game.
The Hex edit method for cutscenes does not resolve this, as it only affects cutscenes, and since the black border is drawn all the way around the game, it only works within the black bars, and does not remove them.

I've posted on CDPR's Technical Support and Steam Discussions seeking help, and have only gotten either irrelevant but helpful attempts at answers, or patronizing answers telling me to use a normal 16:9 resolution.

Any help from the modding community would be a godsend.

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