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Seeking Assistance with Uninstalling Immersive AI Mod – Missing PAK File


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I'm reaching out to the community in hopes of finding some assistance with a particular issue I'm facing. Recently, I encountered some challenges with the Immersive AI Mod. Unfortunately, the original creator of this mod has removed it, and now I'm stuck with a mod that I cannot properly uninstall.

To add to the complexity, another user had kindly created an uninstall pack for this mod – a PAK file designed to help with the uninstallation process. However, this file has also been hidden, and I'm unable to access it.

My main concern is uninstalling the Immersive AI Mod correctly to ensure that it does not negatively impact my gameplay experience. As such, I am reaching out to see if anyone in the community might have the PAK file for uninstalling the Immersive AI Mod and would be willing to share it.

Any help or guidance on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Ensuring a proper uninstallation is crucial for me, and I believe others in the community might benefit from this as well.

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.

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