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Simple Xbox mod request (Fix for 120hz TVs)


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Hey guys,

Once again Skyrim is in need of the community to fix a pretty big issue, this time on Xbox specifically. 

The situation is, Bethesda updated Skyrim to run at 60fps on the Xbox Series X. This works great on a 60hz display. The problem is, if you have a 120hz display and set your Xbox to allow 120hz displays, Skyrim suddenly is full of stutters, frame drops, and glitches.

I believe Bethesda must have set Skyrim to run at whatever your display's refresh rate is on the Xbox. As a lot of you know, Skyrim has issues with anything above 60fps. So I request a mod for Xbox that caps the game at 60fps regardless of display refresh rate. I have contacted Bethesda about this issue with no success. It is a known issue, but they don't seem to care. The only solution is to turn off 120hz content in your Xbox settings, but it is very inconvenient to turn this setting off every time I play Skyrim.

If you take on this request I, and many other Xbox players, will be very thankful.

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