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[Commission Request] Nargacuga Waist and/or Hair Swap


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Hello all! I was hoping to commission somebody to fix a mod I commissioned a while back.

I started playing again recently
, but as it was made a while ago, some of the title updates seem to have broken it. I still have the files. I don't know if it'd be best to remake it from scratch or what, but I'd be happy to pay either way. There were some adjustments I wanted to make to it anyway if possible XD. I did try reaching out to the original Modder, but I think they've gone dark (Hope they're well)

It's just an edit to the Nargacuga waist piece to include a stumpy little tail. Like I said, I already have the files from the original mod, I just need help fixing them and making the tail bigger.

The topic is two fold because I've also been interested in replacing one of the game's hair styles with a hair style from FFXIV. I also have the game files from XIV so nobody needs to rip them, I already did that. I just don't have the technical know-how to do the replacing, and if possible, reshaping of the hair to make it look good/natural, and still show off the wyverian ears layered armor too.

Once again
, I'd be happy to pay for these as commissions. If somebody's only interested in one and not the other, that's fine too! I can show off references, share files, and anything else that's needed via discord. just search for " eelzartz " if you'd like to DM me there instead of here~!

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