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Help/ Anyone dated both Panam and Judy?


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my male V date with Panam before i found this code
Game.GetQuestsSystem():SetFactStr("judy_romanceable", 1)

after i Put the code in CET  command now i dating with Judy

problem is Panam never send me a message again so i can date only Judy now
and when judy visiting my place her animation bug like when we cuddle and we not sit at the right spot also a kiss after bed bug too

now my save is at the end of act 2 to meet Hanoka

Question is
Do we get to do quest with our partner later more? i worries that questing with judy might cause a rough bug on my save
should i keep continue on this save or go back to my old save before i date judy?

any suggestion? 

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Before they added the come over thing in the last patch. It was simple with the code because Judy was meant to be Bi originally. It is the reason why there is male voice lines, but it was dropped. When they made the update with the patch to add the romances coming over to hang out Bi Judy was not considered and she was coded specifically for Fem V.


I think also the update made it so multiple romances are frowned upon and made it so they get mad at you.

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