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Moving Honour-mod in MM from active to inactive causes long load times


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Rather specific niche issue I guess:

When the patch with Honour mode released, I noticed the Honour-mod being in ModManager set as active but didn't think anything about it - guessed it needs to be there to be available in case someone selects the Honour-difficulty. WRONG.

After doing a complete re-install of BG3 and purging all mods, ModManager showed it now in inactive by default. Ok, that's new... .

I read that having it active can cause issues for some but can also provide the means to get the new features of HM in non-Honour savegames (with saving not restricted either).


The issue I have is with a Honour difficulty-savegame, as soon as I put the Honour-mod from active to inactive the load times become unbearably long (from 15s to 6-8m) as the game seems to always "recompile" the savegame, even after just an area transition.

I tried the different mod settings fix-tutorial to get the Honour-mod node out of the savefile itself but that just triggers the tampered dialogue on each load (which is annoying itself) and the load times are still crap, so it didn't make any difference.

At least having it active doesn't seem to be detrimental to the HM-save but it's rather goofy to have to use differing mod loading-orders for different saves and having to be alert not to "taint" other saves in case I forget that Honour-mod is currently in active😅.


Any ideas how to avoid the long loading times and "fix" the HM-savegame without the game throwing a tantrum either (tamper dialogue) would be appreciated.

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