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(Solved - For Now.) I need help. My mods have all stopped working after weeks of play.


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Here's the jist. I use BG3 Mod Manager. I have about 100 mods give or take a few. Most of my mods added new races and the artificer class, and added gear, transmog, etc. I could easily make the characters I wanted to play. 

What was new was I played co-op with a friend recently who grabbed all the same mods, and he used Nexus Mod Manager.

2 days ago all mods for both of us stopped working on our respective ends. They no longer functioned in single player. I have reinstalled the game, reinstalled my mod manager, deleted and reinstalled the mods. I was able to get the game to launch twice with Artificer mod working. Once with BG3 Mod Manager, and once with Vortex, which I only dl-ed after I thought the problem might be BG3 Mod Manager. 

In any case, I have deleted, uninstalled, , made sure to have necessary extensions/overrides. But, suddenly no mod works. When I launch the game, all mods are defaulted back to the disabled column.

If I enable mods in BG3 Mod Manager, and close it, I can re-open it now and still have mods enabled. When I launch the game, they don't work. They still appear enabled. If I close the manager and re-open it, they are disabled. I have made sure to "save order" in every case. I have run these mods since the launch of Patch 5 with no problem until 2 days ago.

To be clear, when I tried fixing the issue, I took baby steps with just trying to get Artificer to work, using it's requirements as listed by the mod-creator to be sure. And got it to work only once on both BG3 Mod Manager and once on Vortex.

Can anyone help? I have looked online, to the Larian Mod Forum, to Youtube, and in Steam forums, and no one seems to have this issue, or have found fixes. I have tried these fixes as mentioned here, and it's not helping. If anyone can advise me so I can play my characters again, I would be grateful.

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Found solution to query.
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