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observations on loading and a load order in progress


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Some things during my extensive testing of a collection-in-works:

If the game doesn't hang around 52% loading, it's not actually  loading mods, it's finding your load order invalid and is about to reset the modsettings.lsx to GustavDev.

The game should hang again for a hot second on 89-93%, depending on system and mod content.

You're getting sent back to the title if, while loading the level setting, you see a brief flicker down to a lower number at 75%.

the Focus-Core and Focus-Lodestones app is a godsend as far as debugging load order and compiling. It prints debug messages by default.


I'm working rather hard to build a collection that has races and classes, all available and consistently working. I've done a good deal of trial and sobbing error, and had developed at least a workable situation that I played with most of the day. I took a break annnnd...

I'm at my wit's end! I've already tasted the honey so now I can't go back to vanilla 😞I've attached my obscenely long load order in hopes that anyone has some general advice or notices a glitchy mod or an incompatibility I hadn't.

In the game itself there were two errors that I already had to work around by using the chooseyourownstats mod:

1. If the player was a modded class/subclass at start, they would arrive with no movement. Solved by Tutorial chest->choose your own stats.

2. All NPCs cannot move once recruited. (Movement reads as 0, and must be manually raised.)

3. Wizard spell lists aren't compiling for modded subclasses. Goblinmancy, Chronoturgy, Gravitury, Blood Wizard and Dimension Traveler have all decided this is far, FAR too much work.

4. Bag of Holding isn't spawning.

I appreciate any and all help!New15.json


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