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Needing help, Got JIP Light Nodes attached to Model, can't figure out how to script.


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Normally I'd try to brute force my way into understanding what I need to do, but I have hit my upper limit on what I can research/study/query, and just need help or someone to hold my hands through it.

I have these models.




I attached light bulbs, and added lights (they flicker you aren't tripping).


But since it is a 2handle weapon, the weapon disappears when holster, which is good, but the lights stick around the player.

I know I need a script with NifBlockFlag who-za-whatzits, and I have tried to trace from other mods and implementations to see how the stuff works, but It is all very new to me, and I can't even learn from what I am looking at, not yet at least.
Details are as such, I got 2 weapons, with 2 sets of lights, I want said lights to disappear on holster.


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