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Mods working fine in 2.11 no longer work after installing Phantom Liberty?


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I bought and installed Phantom Liberty yesterday and now a lot of the mods that I had that were working with patch 2.11 are no longer working. These mods were all working fine literally for about a week since patch 2.11.

My CET plugins work fine but from what I can tell everything in /archive/pc/mod does not work. Mostly texture replacers.

I realize after googling around troubleshooting in September CDPR announced all mods would be disabled on Steam for the Phantom Liberty Launch but is that really still the case now, in February?

Guides I have read are telling me to "enable mods" in the REDLauncher but I don't have a settings option next to the play button. No settings in any of the game menus.

What am I missing here? Is there any fix to this?

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