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No more LEGO ships..


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Hello Guys, I do not intend to offend or disparage any moders. I do what I am going to tell you out of respect but with a serious attitude and with the intention of providing criticism that I believe is constructive and positive for everyone. Until when we are going to have to go crazy trying to follow tutorials and instructions that not all of us understand or do not have enough knowledge to build ships that are in my opinion horrible, made of absurdly deformed modules and that do not provide us with aerodynamic ships, more than one looks like a Hamburger steering wheel. I think that at Bethesda the graphic developers forgot to create ships that we constantly see in films or in other games that I will not name, I insist, aesthetically they are surreal, ugly and an eternal headache... We need different pieces, easier to assemble and that they result in ships with different roles but that look authentic... or simply that they design them and each player either obtains them or builds them if they wish. Enough flying in LEGO-type ships... Greetings and I hope I have contributed an idea that I think is very important. Gentlemen, Bethesda graphic designers, please be a little serious and design ships, let's say... something more realistic, I hope that it will be possible in the next updates. A special greeting and thank you for your effort, dear community of Moders who make magic with the few limited tools you have, I insist, with respect, but with a critical and realistic attitude, I do not intend to offend, I am just trying to redirect errors that I see, more aerodynamics for please and no more LEGOLAND. I Mean something like this..


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22 hours ago, Pegamoide said:

 Quiero decir algo como esto...




Encuentra las diferencias.. Se supone que es el mismo barco, con todo respeto, pero a esto me refiero... Uno es un barco con líneas puras y el otro es un intento desesperado... Creo que el ejemplo es lo suficientemente gráfico y explícito como es. ¿Qué quiero decir?

Nos vemos... todo

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