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[Work-In-Progress] Vigilante Arc (part of Recall Code: Railroad quest mod)


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Over the past years, I've been (very slowly) working on a mod called Recall Code: Railroad which is a synth roleplaying / quest mod inspired by Westworld and integrated into the Fallout 4 lore. This brings to life a fan conspiracy theory of Father deliberately undermining the Institute by creating a next-gen synth replica of his parent (neither of them survived Vault 111). Some parts of the vanilla game will be retconned or revealed as lies told by Father. (It will also tie into the Subversion mod, although it's not required to run it.)

But, there will be new side quests and characters as well, similar to how Outcasts/Project Valkyrie had quests not directly tied to its main quest.

One such arc will involve a vigilante operation in the Commonwealth. Information about murderers is compiled in a database (terminal and holotape to be more exact) and it's used to track them down and kill them. You can join these efforts, ignore these efforts, or become a target yourself, it depends on your choices. The vigilantes also have ties to regulators but they're not the same faction.

The vigilantes are not omniscient however, especially when it comes to the Institute (being that it's a secretive faction). They are aware of their attack on University Point, the FEV, the replacing of people with synths and such, but have no knowledge of Father or the members of the Institute Directorate (or even that it's called the Directorate). Here are two sample entries on their watchlist:



Institute Leaders

TYPES: group (presumed)
REAL NAME(S): unknown
ALIASES: unknown
LOCATION: inside the Institute (exact location unknown)
DESCRIPTION: unknown (targets will likely be wearing lab coats inside the Institute and hazmat suits on the surface, such visits are unlikely to occur however and targets may be impossible to distinguish from regular scientists)

DETAILS: the Institute's leadership up to this point is responsible for many crimes against humanity including but not limited to mass murder, the extermination of the University Point settlement, forced human experimentation such as inoculation of the Forced Evolutionary Virus (FEV) and replacing people with synths

PRIORITY: low (targets significantly out of reach)
STATUS: unknown


Jack Cabot

TYPES: individual
REAL NAME(S): Jack Cabot
ALIASES: unknown
LOCATION: Cabot House and Parsons State Insane
DESCRIPTION: male, glasses, moustache, lab coat, dark hair
CONTRIBUTORS: admin, unit03

DETAILS: target confirmed to be over 400 years old and using unknown medical technology to prolong his life, wanted for murder, human trafficking, and forced human experimenation perpetrated for the purpose of advancing life extension technology

STATUS: alive


There will be many characters on the list like Captain Wes and Captain Zao and it will be up to you who you hunt down. You can hunt some and ignore others without penalty.

Let me know if you'd be interested in roleplaying a vigilante (with the game giving you a long list of old and new villains to hunt down) and what would you like to see in a vigilante story arc.

The sneak peak trailer can be found here:


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