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Arasaka Tower 3D Game Crash


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Hey chooms! I'm going to get straight to the point first. Every time I start up Arasaka Tower 3D my game crashes without fail, it is the only problem I have in my game with a bunch of mods installed, every other arcade game works fine along with every other part of my game. That's the problem, here are the details:

As soon as I hit play the arcade game crashes my game without fail. Everything in my game works perfectly even though I have over a hundred mods installed. I have modded this game 5 separate times with a set of 200 new mods each time and know all the usual tricks to fix issues but this one has me stumped. Being an experienced modder, I understand that my mods are causing the problem, therefore I understand  that I either sacrifice some mods or suck it up, the only issue is I have no clue which mod or mods out of all the mods I have could be the problem.  The reason I'm here asking for help is just to have a more experienced player/modder help me figure out what kind of files Arasaka 3D uses so that I can narrow down my search to find the mod that is conflicting with the game or to tell me if there is a solution for this in any way. I have never posted on here but I am now because after a whole day of searching for a solution I realized that this issue isn't brought up, I could literally only find two people that mentioned they were having the same problem as me. So I hope that this post can offer a solution for other people having this issue since Arasaka 3D seems like a super fun part of the game and the car that you get for completing the mystery is awesome! Anyways, if this post is confusing or anyone wants to the know the solution just let me know and I'll be happy to go on the hunt for an answer with you. I love nexus mods because since my first day of PC gaming it has been the greatest community ever and people are always helping each other out and so I want to do my part too 🙂 (sorry if that last bit is cheesy)

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