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Skryim SE/AE modding question


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Yeah i did not know where this should go but having beat the game as the hero countless times i am wanting to be jus ta normal citizen living and working in the world. Can yall help me with what mods would go well with this kind of playthrough? i know there is a mine you can own and a farm and build a town and a ship mods. Need to know what mods i would need to be able to actually live in the world and actually have to make money and buy things. Maybe even open a shop in one of the towns. Any help would be great. Also would like to be able to have more the 2 kids and have a big family. You know the most immersive i can get for just being a regular civilian. Would also love to make the world of skyrim feel more alive and more populated and traveled. Yall get what i am trying to come up with. So any help would be amazing. Thanks.

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