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Is the GetReputation function bugged or something? I'm using latest nvse and geckext 0.40 linked.


The command in-game for checking fame/infamy with X faction (in my case "F43DE 0/1") is supposed to return current reputation, right?


Because for me it returns a blank result for either fame or infamy as I'm testing results in-game between actions that change it. I'm just hitting Sloan to try to get an idea of what is happening when you fix snuffles' leg or the generator. 


If it's a bug with NVSE or something then s#*! is that unhelpful. 


Edit: Attatched picture won't go through. It's literally just a picture of my entering of "player.getreputation f43de/repnvncr" and a bunch of variations a hundred times with no posted result. Annoying af. 

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Yes, apparently it is bugged. According to GECK wiki:


Currently, when used in-game with the console or when used at all without an if, it fails to return a value, so it is best used as an if statement like in the examples.


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