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Looking for help! Consistent crashing in one particular fight


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Hi guys and thank you to anyone reading. I'm currently 200+ hours into my first playthrough and I'm hoping its salvageable.

At the moment, I experience crashing at one particular moment. (ACT 3 SPOILERS!!!)

Wyll has


rejected Mizora's Pact and the party is currently at the Iron Throne with Gortash still alive. I am trying to free all captives, including Duke Ravenguard.




appears, she summons 6 combustible spiders. I don't have an issue when they appear, but the whole game crashes every time the spiders have a turn. I assume they plan to attack the character they appear directly behind, and that animation crashes the game. I have attempted to kill all spiders before they have a turn, but when I do this, one of the dead spiders remains in the initiative order. And when its turn comes, the game crashes. 

Before this happened, I had the arachnophobia mod, where this issue has happened before. But I have deleted the mod and all traces of it (I think) and the issue still persists. 

I've tried disabling all mods, but then the game won't load at all (I'm guessing because I have mods for my TAV? I'm not sure though). 

I have also verified the game files twice, to no avail. Any help here would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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