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Trying to find old youtube let's play channel


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This is going to be a strange request but I couldn't get this old let's play channel out of my head the other day and I can't for the life of me find him on youtube. If you have completely no idea and this description doesn't jog your memory feel free to ignore. It was called like the grim reaper or something and I think he may have used some numbers in his name. He used to do these heavily modded playthroughs of FO3 and also Oblivion. He would always start videos saying something like "it's the grim reaper" but he had somewhat of a speech impediment so it sounded more like "gwim weaper" lol. He had a really deep voice and I believe he was black. He may not be around anymore, especially since I believe he used to use lots of lude mods in his playthroughs lol, If I sound like an insane person and no one has any clue who I'm talking about that's perfectly understandable. He was a small channel even back then so it would make sense that no one would remember.

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