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How to save modlist/installed mods from Mod Organizer 2.5.0?


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Hello, I need help with modding. I've created an extensive list of mods in Mod Organizer, but I don't understand how to save this entire list or even duplicate the mods folder so that I can upload it to the cloud and download it from the cloud at any time? Are there any detailed video tutorials on how to save a list of mods from Mod Organizer? I tried to make instances, but I don’t understand how they work, because they simply create empty folders into which all installed content is not transferred, please, help

Привет, нужна помощь с моддингом. Я создал обширный список модов в Mod Organizer, но не понимаю, как сохранить весь этот список или хотя бы дублировать папку с модами, чтобы загрузить её в облако и загружать с облака в любой момент? Есть ли какие-то подробные видеоруководства о том, как сохранить список модов из Mod Organizer? Я пытался сделать экземпляры, но не понимаю как они работают, ведь создаются просто пустые папки, в которые не переносится весь установленный контент, пожалуйста, помогите

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Here's a thought.  Take the entire mod organizer folder, zip it into an archive and save it where ever you want.   I only use portable installs of MO2.  I currently have 4-6 different installs (meaning entirely different load orders and mods) of Skyrim SE, 4 different installs of FO4, and a couple each of FO3 and oblivion.  I have in the past zipped up and saved entire MO2 installs of various mod lists including skyrim, FNV and FO4.  The only thing that isn't within those archives is the actual base games and any mods that install to the base game root directory, such as engine fixes or skse for skyrim se as an example.  This also would include enbs or any other root directory type mods.

As an added benefit, you can also share your installs that way, though it is best done with something that allows large file transfers like a backup drive.   Considering some of my SSE installs are around 200gb, they aren't something you can archive and share easily with google or mega.  Of course they aren't that large when archived, but they are still very substantial.

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