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Skyrim: Frightened Woman Encounter


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I encountered the NPC Frightened Woman, who claims to have escaped from a bandit stronghold. She can clearly look after herself, as I came across her smashing skeletons to pieces near Falkreath with her fists, and when you talk to her she simply requests you to go to the stronghold and kill the bandits.

Since she doesn't need rescuing, perhaps she shouldn't be named "Frightened Woman" at all. The Dragonborn can offer to escort her to the nearest town though, and she refuses.

If it's possible, perhaps this could work as a mini-quest? She runs up to the Dragonborn crying for help, and accepts the Dragonborn's offer of a safe escort. This would start the quest where en route to the nearest town, the Dragonborn would have to keep her alive while all sorts of dangerous animals attack them on the road, or even the bandits she escaped from.

To keep her frightened, she could cower and hide while the hostiles keep the Dragonborn busy. Her death during this quest would be a high possibility, but should the Dragonborn successfully get her to the safety of town. A reward could be an item she stole from the bandits, or an improved skill level if she doesn't have anything on her.

Simply looking for immersion, and sharing ideas for mod developers to consider. 

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