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Patch 6 -- Inventory is blank


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Hi all,

I patched game to ver. 6 and updated a few mods. I also ran MG3MM script extender incase that needed patched also. So before I updated any mods at all... I logged into the game to see everything seems aok to play. My inventory is blank minus any equipment items for all party members and I was locked out of my main camp chest. I could click open but it did nothing. So.... I updated a few mods that Nexus shows had updates ready. Ran the script extender as I mentioned previously and logged into game. All party still blank... no bags, no coin .. no nothing. Camp site main chest was able to open and it also is blank.

Anyone got any ideas? Below is a SS of my MM. Appreciate any help anyone has.  (Background -- new to modding. Only been playing modded a couple weeks.)

thanks - Mel


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