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Fallout 4 Collections - trashing standard load ?


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I had a play around with collections yesterday, my idea being to get FO4 up and running on my laptop.  It was only a partial success, as the collection didn't automatically load all the mods in its list.  The collection did include a few mods that aren't on Nexus anymore, so required loading from file (eg: CWSS 4.0) but I guess it did allow Vortex to automatically load quite a few mods.

Loaded my last save on the machine I created the collection on this morning and lots of mods are now missing (or not enabled) .... It was a bit funny actually as I had saved in the Roadside Pines settlement (also a mod) and when loading this morning my toon was only wearing outer armor, had lost most of her weapons and the "baddies" occupying the site were back......

So bugger !!  I will try removing the collection from my mod list when I have time later and see if that fixes it....

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