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Patch 6 mod problem (inventory related, but not blank)


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So I'm having this problem since patch 6 - I've updated all the mods for which updates are available, and the game itself works fine, as long as I don't try to use my inventory bags. If I open my alchemy bag, I can take things out of it but not put anything into it. If I try to use the extraction alchemy function, it does not work at all. If I try to open the bag two times in a row, the game crashes. I have the Additional Autosort Containers mod installed, so I have a few extra bags, and none of those will open at all. My best guess is it's a problem with that mod, but it can't be uninstalled, so I can't exactly test it. I updated the script extender. I updated the Better Inventory UI and Improved UI mods, which were my other UI modifying mods.

Is anyone else having this problem? I don't know what to try to do to fix this.

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