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CZ550, Mossberg 940, and a dedicated Marlin 336


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I Think a CZ 550 in 416, 458WM, or 505 Gibbs would be an amazing addition to FO4. Whether it's going after death claws, Preston, rad roaches. Just an overall fun gun. The 940 would be perfect for people with the Shotgun itch, as you can have a 28 inch field gun, 18.5 tactical, or the 24 inch JM PRO. And the Marlin 336 would be an awesome lever gun to add. With proprietary 30-30, 32 win split, 35 remington, and 444 marlin ammunition for a real marlin 336, and not the MW2 45-70 version

images (3).jpeg

images (2).jpeg

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