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tohellwithwokepeople - Banned

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Account Banned - tohellwithwokepeople

tohellwithwokepeople has been banned from Nexus Mods for violating our community rules.


Clearly here to drop rage bait. Going into random, unrelated Tomb Raider mods to share a copy-pasted rant (twice) in the comments about a mod which was removed over the weekend for being rage bait itself. We didn't have a problem with the mod, we had a problem with how it was presented. And you know this because you've tracked the mod that replaced it which does the same thing, without the rage bait (https://www.nexusmods.com/tombraidertrilogyremastered/mods/74), which is still up and available on the site with an admin note explaining why.


I just want to thank the "-nolegal argument alternative" modder for letting me avoid Crystal Dynamic's trying to push their woke bs on my classic games, since I can't thank them in their post.

Also, shut up admins, nobody cares about your woke rants.


Below are links to where the infractions took place (where relevant). Some links may point to hidden, deleted or restricted content that can only be accessed by moderators.

Moderation History

Banned by Dark0ne. This member received 0 formal warnings before they were banned.

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