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VulxzY - Formal Warning Issued

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Formal Warning Issued - VulxzY

VulxzY has received a formal warning for violating our community rules.


Multiple account abuse.
The user uploaded other author's file without permission, impersonating the original author.

"Users with multiple accounts may have one or all of their accounts suspended. In the event of alternative accounts being used to evade a ban or restrictions on a main account, all accounts belonging to the offending user are subject to suspension (i.e. a ban) and any (pending) unban appeals are forfeit."

"Submission of existing user-submitted content without obtaining permission from the original author(s) of said content is strictly prohibited."

"Proper credit to the original author(s) must be given unless the author(s) has/have specified that credit is not necessary. Please, be aware that the mere accreditation of an author is no substitute for receiving explicit permission to upload or modify someone else’s content."


Below are links to where the infractions took place (where relevant). Some links may point to hidden, deleted or restricted content that can only be accessed by moderators.

Account Restrictions

As part of the warning, VulxzY has been restricted from using the following features:

This user cannot upload files for 21 days
This user cannot use file tools for 21 days
This user cannot download any file for 21 days
This user cannot post comments on the sites or forums for 21 days
This user cannot upload images to the Image Share for 21 days
This user cannot endorse mods for 21 days
This user cannot endorse images for 21 days
This user cannot add videos to the Video Share for 21 days

Moderation History

Warning issued by AltheaR. This user has now received a total of 1 formal warning(s).

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